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Download 123 Audio File Converter Free for Windows

This audio-conversion application looks promising on the surface, but some bizarre performance issues keep us from handing out a more positive review. 123 Audio File Converter's lime-green interface is pretty self-explantory, with large buttons for most major functions. Besides common formats such as WAV and MP3, the program also supports lesser-known codecs such as U-LAW, VOX, and G.726. You can choose the audio quality for just about all formats, and in certain cases, you can use VBR compression. We also appreciated the included notch, high-pass, and low-pass filters, as well as the automatic-gain-control option. In some tests, the program worked well, but in others, it never actually converted files (even though we got a confirmation message). The built-in player also failed to work. 123 Audio File Converter shows more promise than a lot of dedicated audio-conversion apps, but until the performance issues are settled, it's no better than average.