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Download Aquatica 3D Free for Windows

Though it boasts a powerful feature set, the Aquatica 3D screensaver is merely average in most other respects. The installation took longer than we expected, although we liked having the option to choose between two themes before the screensaver even launched. Unlike many other comparable apps, Aquatica 3D lets you configure settings without opening the screensaver control panel, a nice touch. Notable customization options include the ability to change themes, backgrounds, fish, music, and sounds. The program also displays the date and the time, a unique feature for a screensaver. However, Aquatica 3D falls somewhat flat when it comes to graphics and content, as it consists of just a few fish drifting near a sunken ship and coral. Though it's hobbled by a ho-hum look, this screensaver's wide array of features will please those who like to change their PC's look and feel on a regular basis.