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Download CDmax Free for Windows

For a number of reasons, this superbasic media player fails to stand up to its numerous competitors. Basically, CDmax just plays your compact discs; unlike other media players it will not work with files such as MP3, WAV, or WMA. The bland interface isn't at all exciting, though you can at least perform standard functions by right-clicking the system-tray icon. Features include only the bare minimum, such as repeat and shuffle modes, an alarm clock, and sleep power off. However, don't expect niceties such as visualizations, an equalizer, or a CD ripper. CDmax can grab track information from the Web, but its performance is disappointing, to say the least. In multiple tests, the program only played music in the left ear, a curious issue that's also pretty much a dealbreaker. We recommend that the vast majority of users stick with one of the many free, feature-rich, and functional media players on the scene.