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Download Harry Potter Screen Saver Free for Windows

This screensaver places a variety of scenes from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on your computer. This program is unlikely to wear out its welcome quickly, as it offers more than 40 images taken from the film. However, image quality is somewhat erratic; some shots look fine, but others appear fuzzy, pixilated, and overly dark. The audio quality of the accompanying music is dreadful and sounds like an MP3 encoded at a very low bit rate. The feature set fares somewhat better. You can disable the audio, choose from a number of transition effects, render all images in black-and-white, set the image delay, and display captions. Best of all, Harry Potter Screen Saver contains no adware and won't cost you a dime. Its middling image quality aside, this screensaver makes an ideal download for fans of the pint-sized wizard.