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Download Mythic Blades Free for Windows

Good graphics and high-quality audio are Mythic Blades' strong points, but don't expect as many combos or special attacks as you find in fighting-game classics. In this demo you can choose only two characters: a weak but fast female warrior and a large but slow Minotaur. Each character has three attack types: a hard blade swing, a weak blade swing, and a kick. You also get a handful of combinations and superattacks, though most of them look nearly identical. Weak characters have the advantage of chain attacks, though they can be blocked. In contrast with the fighting, the visuals are outstanding. With its detailed models, high-quality textures, and robust performance, this game deserves much more varied gameplay. On the other hand, the demo doesn't limit the amount of time you can play. That and the game's superb looks make Mythic Blades a worthwhile download for fans of the fight genre.