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Download OurPictures Starter Edition Free for Windows

This program offers a user-friendly way to share digital photos, plus a few basic editing tools. We should note, to share photos through OurPictures, you'll have to provide your name and e-mail address to confirm your account. The sophisticated-looking interface offers a sample album for tutorial purposes, although it's a cinch to navigate the program without it. You can add photos from your PC's hard drive or directly from your camera, and then perform minimal edits, such as removing red-eye, rotating, and adding captions. OurPictures Starter Edition also provides a few basic effects, as well as an option that will automatically "fix" your photos with one click. The simple slide-show tool lets you choose from several delay speeds but won't allow you to apply transition effects or add a soundtrack. OurPictures also can help you place orders for calendars, coffee mugs, and other gifts personalized with your photos. The process of sharing your photos via e-mail is rather simple. You simply enter one or more addresses, type a message, and hit the Send button. If you like, the program will place recipients in its address book. Overall, OurPictures will best suit novice or casual users who value ease of use over power.