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Download The Polar Express Screensaver Free for Windows

Despite the exciting possibilities of roaring trains and Santa visits, The Polar Express Screensaver consists entirely of one small picture in a frame with snow falling in front of it. Sure, the picture of a train passing by some houses looks attractive and well-rendered. OK, the snowflakes are pretty and accumulate for a while at the bottom of the frame, then swirl around again for a snowglobe effect. And fine, it's free. But there are no settings, no audio effects, no music, and, worst of all, a significant border around the picture that experiences no snowfall and thus no screensaver action. While you're waiting for something to actually happen, you have time to wonder why snow is falling from a clear sky, and why such a basic screensaver required a restart to install. You also have to uninstall it manually. The Polar Express Screensaver might appeal to fans of the movie.