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Download Runes, the Ancient Oracle Free for Windows

Users wanting to ask questions and predict the future using Rune stones will love this simple program. With several simple options and a user-friendly layout, this program is sure to please.

The program's interface is simple enough that most users will not have to utilize the Help file. However, those unfamiliar with Rune spreads will find its tutorials very useful. Beyond that, the program consists of a few pull-down menus and one command button, which makes this program child's play. Getting a Rune spread to answer any question is very simple. Users need only click the Cast Runes button at the bottom of the screen and their stones appear. Users can customize their spread by selecting the Spread menu at the top of the screen. Here you can choose between a one, three, and five Rune spread, a Rune Cross, or even a Yes or No answer. Users unfamiliar with each stone's meaning can click on each to get a simple definition to pop up. While the terminology may be beyond some newcomers, users familiar with Rune stones will love this program's simplicity. The program's finest special feature is undoubtedly its ability to create a personal spread in the Spread Editor. Here, users can select a layout and all the stones with a few mouse clicks.

The program's trial limits some predictions and definitions. With simple results and easy setup, this program is a great place to start telling your future.