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Download SBMAV Disk Cleaner Free for Windows

SBMAV Disk Cleaner is a disk cleaner, duplicate finder, uninstaller, and start-up manager all rolled up into one. While the overall look and feel of the program won't blow you away, the fully functional trial and solid performance will.

The user interface is fairly plain, but straightforward enough for even novices to understand. Command buttons run along the left side of the window, and the details and workings of each command resides on the right side. First up was the disk cleaner. In about 20 minutes, the program had scanned and displayed problematic files. We were able to manually remove each file that we deemed unnecessary. The uninstaller came next, and we appreciated being able to check off on multiple programs and uninstall them in one fell swoop. The program quickly found duplicate files on our system, where, like the other features, we were able to manually remove the ones we didn't want. Likewise, the start-up manager let us disable selected programs with ease. The built-in Log feature let us view each and every change we made to our system using the program.

Typically, similar programs don't come with a fully functional trial, but SBMAV Disk Cleaner lets you take full advantage of its features during the 30-day trial period. Should you need any help along the way, it does offer a built-in Help feature. We highly recommend this disk maintenance program for all user levels.