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Download Shredder Classic Free for Windows

Don't be too intimidated by the winner of the 2003 World Computer Chess Championship. Shredder Classic can vary both its strength and playing style to appeal to rookies and masters alike. Beginners can have the program search the current game for mistakes and analyze their positions. Experts will appreciate being able to compare and load multiple chess engines. The program strictly separates the playing engine and the interface. The interface lets you customize colors, fonts, and panel positions, even saving your favorite layouts. You can plug in third-party UCI and WinBoard engines. You won't have to play in isolation, since the program lets you load games in PGN and CBF formats. Through the Auto232 interface, you can play over the Internet with people who use other chess programs. Even at its highest strength, the program didn't slow down our computer. The game lets you choose from several different chess sets, but the demo won't save your game. Still, the trial version of Shredder Classic should impress most chess players.