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Download SimGangster Free Edition Free for Windows

This free text-based adventure game gives you the vicarious thrill of breaking the law. In SimGangster, you live the life of an unscrupulous criminal who ingests oodles of drugs, vandalizes homes and cars, burglarizes, and mugs innocent citizens. You schedule how much time to allot for each shameful deed, and the game automatically plays out your actions over a 15-day period. Successfully criminal undertakings net you points for health, mojo, IQ, and respect. If your sinful lifestyle starts to take a toll on your health, you can reinvigorate yourself by relaxing and sleeping. Though the interface isn't heavy on the graphics, it is nicely polished. SimGangster also displays hints and tips to help you become a better menace to society. The game manages to invoke reality with small touches, such as a creative use of slang and weather-related sounds. Though this game is humorous in nature, its liberal use of profanity and references to sex and drugs make it inappropriate for children. Older players who aren't squeamish likely will find SimGangster an engrossing find.