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Download SmartBarXP Free for Windows

Though still a beta version, this dynamic taskbar offers more than the standard Windows version. SmartBarXP's skinnable interface can be set on the right or left of your desktop. Under Properties you can choose what you want displayed on the taskbar. Options include a Web search tool, a calculator, and a weather display. You can also duplicate your Quick Launch icons and access My Computer and other areas of your PC. As with its Windows counterpart, this program also has a clock and a calendar, though you can double-click SmartBarXP's version to add a one-time or recurring alarm. You also get an option to view RSS newsfeeds from news sources such as the BBC or CNN. Everything worked during testing with the exception of the MP3 player, which consistently failed to recognize or play any type of music file. Overall, this freebie is a nice option for any user looking for a fully customizable taskbar.