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Download SWF2Video Pro Free for Windows

We were disappointed with the mixed results we got from SWF2Video Pro, a utility for converting Flash SWF files to AVI video. On the plus side, converting a 1,000-frame movie took only a few minutes. A decent set of options lets you select frame dimensions, start and end frames, audio and video codecs, and recording volume. You also can set the program to automatically split files above a certain size. However, SWF2Video Pro failed to convert movies containing action scripts (that is, movies that require you to click a Play button). The batch mode doesn't allow you to move several files to the queue with one click, and the program can only extract movie frames to PNG or TGA format. In sum, SWF2Video Pro does a reasonably good job converting basic SWF files, but it needs work before it can compete with the best products in this category.