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Download Tanbee Video to AMV Converter Free for Windows

Tanbee Video to AMV Converter provides a simple program for converting video to the popular AMV file type. With its smooth design, excellent results and impressive editing features, this program appeals to many different users.

The program's interface is simple and to the point, which makes operation a snap. Its onscreen instructions and user-friendly commands were so easy to use that we never felt anything but total control. The program's three-step process will appeal to novice converters who don't care about customizing their files. With about three button clicks, we were able to choose video files and convert them to AMV format. Our original video was short, less than a minute, but Tanbee converted it in about five seconds, which was astounding as well as outstanding. Longer videos generally also convert quickly. The visual and audio quality of the resulting AMV was crisp and professional. Tanbee really wowed us with its editorial features, which allowed us to edit the running time, adjust the color and clarity of the picture, and even apply effects. This was a neat way to make a film, but it will probably only appealed to advanced users. Simple function and expansive features create a program that appeals to all skill levels.

Tanbee Video to AMV Converter leaves a watermark during its trial period. It installs desktop icons without permission. By appealing to novice and expert AMV converters, this program succeeds, and we recommend it.