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Download VisionBlazer Free for Windows

If you're searching for a powerful tool for creating Flash animations, you'd do well to get your hands on VisionBlazer. The program takes longer than normal to install due to its abundance of SWF files. However, once you launch VisionBlazer, you'll be pleased with its welcoming and modern interface. Also, if you need help getting started, the main window features helpful tips. Creating a Flash file is a simple affair; you just select images, text, buttons, and sounds. On the downside, VisionBlazer supports only JPEG images and MP3s. However, you can record your own audio and add it to your Flash animations. As you might expect, you'll also find support for e-mail and Web publishing. The trial version places a watermark on any Flash file you build. Due to its advanced feature set and easy-to-use interface, the program comes highly recommended for both novices and experienced users.