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Download Youtube Downloader&Convertor Free for Windows

With the popularity of YouTube, a tool that downloads and converts videos from the site sounds like a great idea. And it is, in theory. In practice, this Internet Explorer add-on's missing Help file makes it impossible to use.

Youtube Downloader & Converter's boring but seemingly simple interface features a field for the video URL, a download status bar, file conversion options (WMV, 3GP, MP3), as well as the option to download the video without a conversion. We weren't sure if we had to copy/paste the URL or visit YouTube directly. We clicked on the Help link, and nothing happened. We clicked on the shortcut button to search YouTube, and nothing happened. So, we decided to visit YouTube ourselves, hoping that some sort of a prompt would guide us, and nothing happened. Finally, we copied a video link and pasted it directly into the URL field. Once we applied our settings, we clicked the download buttons, and, you guessed it, nothing happened. Subsequent tests had the same outcome.

Sure, it's free and that's nice, but a little help isn't too much to ask. Especially since all of our attempts to get this IE add-on to work merely took up our time but didn't net us a single video.