how to open a trading account

 After trying trading with a demo account on at least three broker platforms, have you made your choice?

 You can open a live trading account in three easy steps:

  •  Choose an account type
  •  Registration
  •  Activation

 Always keep in mind “Before trading one penny of your money, try two or three demo accounts first”.

 Why not?  After all, the demo account is FREE!  Experience live trading with several brokers and make the right choice.

 Selecting Account Type

 When you are ready to open an account online, select the type of trading account you want: personal account or corporate (corporate) account

 In the past, when opening a trading account, it was necessary to choose a standard, mini, or micro account type.

 Currently, this is not a problem because some brokers allow customers to trade in costume lots.

 This is useful for novice traders who have no experience with small capital.

 This gives the Customer flexibility without having to trade more than the predetermined number of lots.

 Always remember to read the quote.

 Some brokers have an in-app account manager option.  If the Customer wants the broker to carry out trades, this is the right choice.

 But is this what is wanted?  After all, you didn't read the whole course in Pipsology class and just asked someone else to take your place to trade!

 In addition, activating the account manager requires a small deposit, usually $25,000 or more.  The “assistant” will take a small share of the profits.

 Finally, make sure to open a spot forex account and not a forward or futures account.


 Several documents are required to open an account with various forms from each broker.

 This document is usually provided in PDF format and can be viewed and printed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

 Read all fees, such as admin fees charged for bank transfers.  You may be surprised at the real costs and they may take up a large portion of the trading capital.

 Account activation

 After the broker has received all the required documents, the Customer will receive an email to complete the account activation.

 After completing this step, you will receive a final email with your username, password and instructions for making a deposit.

 The next step is to login and start trading.  It is not difficult!

 Time to log in, open the chart chart, and start trading!

 But wait!

 We STRONGLY recommend starting with a DEMO ACCOUNT first.

 If you have been doing simulated trading for at least six months, you can start with a real account.  But our advice you should consider the risks involved.

 Trading for real is not just trading.  This is very different between fighting against enemies with real weapons and fighting in a virtual world game.

 If you start trading live with no experience on a demo account, here's what usually happens:

 No matter how good you are at winning on a demo account, nothing can replace the anxiety of betting with real money.

 Once you start trading on a real account, you never feel comfortable or safe.  Always be alert and use the most appropriate risk controls.

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