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CAR3i Network deceives people with the lure of saving money, or lures people with income and success when they join the CAR 3i Network.  They made a lie just to get people to buy a unit link insurance policy called CAR link pro mixed.

 And a lie to get people to buy something, deposit money is a scam.


 This is the story of the losers in the CAR 3i Network.  Being lied to with the term saving, being lied to with the lure of income.  These comments are on the Anti Ponzi Society Facebook group.



 The most epic lie in the CAR 3i Network is the invitation to save for a salary.  This is the lie that traps most people.


  •  In 5 years and even more, your money that you pay in installments in the CAR is not increasing, but actually much less.

  •  Example: If your first year stops 'saving' in CAR, your money will actually decrease by about 60%.  Just ask the agent.  For example, you have 'saved' 12 times, your total money which should be 350,000 x 12 = 4,200,000, will only be 168,000 rupiah!

  •  By the time you stop saving at the end of the fifth year, your money will be 21,000,000.  This is exactly the same as saving in a chicken piggy bank or under the mattress.  No interest, no value added.

 Is taking insurance the same as saving?  The big lie.  Insurance transfers risk.  We pay because the risk of material loss (if something happens) is borne by the insurance company.

 In the CAR link pro mixed sold by CAR 3i Network, there are investments other than insurance.  Is investing the same as saving?  Also not.  The investment we expect income from a business.  You can lose, you can gain.  When we save, we save money, there is no such thing as a loss, except for saving under the mattress and it is stolen.

 The Lure of Salary, INCOME AND SUCCESS

 There is no such thing as a salary at CAR 3i Network.  If there is income, it is if you are active as an insurance salesperson.  You will earn commissions like any other insurance agent.

 CAR3i Network members often show off their joining earnings on the CAR3i Network.  Is the income correct?  It is true.  But of the people who earn tens of millions, how many hundreds of people get zonk?

 To be honest, they should reveal the average income of all CAR3i Network members.  Don't just choose a big income to display.

 In fact, to earn 10 million per month for 5 years, members must get about 500 customers!

 The insurance agent commission is not much.  Agents have to work hard to get tens of customers in order to earn millions of rupiah.  It happens in any business.

 In CAR 3i Network, member commissions when they invite people to join are actually small.  In total, the commission is only 5% of the total premium of the recruits.  The count:

  •  14.29% of the first year premium

  •  7.14% of second year premium

  •  3.57% of third year premium

  •  0% of the fourth year premium

  •  0% of fifth year premium


Total average: (14+7.14+3.57+0+0)%/5 = 5%

 Note: Don't believe this messed up count.  This is the count of high school students who have mediocre math scores.  The calculation of the total percentage of the premiums should be averaged, not just added up.

 Misleading calculations on the official website of CAR 3i Network


 People talk about individuals if the number is one or two.  But if there are many, it is not a person.  It's a sign of something systemic.

 CAR 3i Network is made for that.  To seduce people to buy insurance policies with the lure of becoming an insurance agent.  Just like Eco Racing, which persuades people to buy magic pills with the lure of profits as business partners.  Just like Paytren, which sells applications with the lure of profits as business partners.  Income in 3i, that's the lure of the benefits of being an agent.  Just so people buy the policy.

 The lie was a lie that was designed from the start, not just the work of an individual.



 Pyramid schemes are marketing systems that trick people into buying products with the lure of earning money to become business partners.

 Business partners then do the same.  Seduce people to buy products with the lure of income to become business partners.

 And to earn income, each business partner must recruit new business partners multiple times.

 Therefore, pyramid schemes require the addition of new partners to multiply over time.

 Because of the doubling of the need for new partners, the pyramid scheme is getting more and more saturated.  The longer the partner, the more difficult it is to get a new partner to multiply.  In the end, those who just joined did not make a profit.  Even dead.  And the number of losers is always double the number of those who gain.

 That's why pyramid schemes are banned.  Because there will definitely be more to lose than gain.


 Yes.  CAR 3i network is a pyramid scheme created to market the CAR link pro mixed unit link.

 In CAR 3i Network, agents invite others to become new agents.  The number of new agents recruited must be doubled in order to generate income.  Due to the multiplied demand for agents, the scheme is getting more and more saturated.  It is increasingly difficult for people who enter later to find new agents, especially in doubled numbers.  The person who enters later will lose.

 How come you lose?  Can you get a useful unit link product called CAR Link Pro Mixed?

 This is interesting when discussing pyramid schemes.  Is the product useful?

 Every product has its benefits.  Also products that are marketed in a perverted pyramid scheme.  But that can't justify a pyramid scheme.

 Take the United States for example.  Don't take the example in Indonesia.  Here the law is still a mess in dealing with pyramid schemes.  Even a severe pyramid scheme like Qnet.

 In the United States, Vemma was completely evicted, disbanded and its founder's earnings stripped down from the start.  It's because of Vemma's pyramid scheme.  And what does Vemma sell?  Is an energy drink.  Benefits?  Definitely useful.  But Vemma sells goods with the lure of buying goods at the same time so the agent can get a BMW.

 Additionally, in any business, it's not just absolute benefits that matter, but customer satisfaction.  Customer satisfaction is the level of fulfillment of customer expectations/expectations.  One of the customer expectations is formed from the lure.  The lure of earning money, it turns out not, will definitely make customers dissatisfied.  The lure of saving money, reducing money, will definitely make customers dissatisfied.  Be a complainer.

 Agents at CAR3i Network will say: Well, don't confuse the benefits of a product with the benefits of being an agent.  You 'bundling' the benefits of being an agent (which is overkill and only shows a small amount of success) with the benefits of the product.  Why do you want to separate when people complain?  Wrong myself.

 The CAR 3i Network is a sad pyramid scheme in a number of ways.

 This scheme sells products approved by the OJK.

 From an income point of view, comparing the earnings of the pyramid scheme players aka moneygame, this scheme is also pathetic.  This scheme is suitable for people who accidentally fall into a pyramid scheme.

 This scheme is the product of a well-known company: AJ CAR.  Is AJ CAR involved in this scheme?  Indirectly.  They approve when an MLM leader makes their product marketing system with a scheme like this.  And they take a lot of profit from this scheme.


 I don't mean to discredit you all.  Some of you became 'real' insurance agents in CAR 3I Network.  Have an AAJI license and maybe turn to marketing insurance in the right way, not mixing the benefits of being an agent with the benefits of the product.  Have a good fight.  But if I were you, I would stop being part of a system created to mislead people.

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