Khasiat Bait Jaljalut Sughro وَعَطِّفْ قُلُوْبَ الْعَالَمِيْنَ بِأَسْرِهِمْ عَلَيَّ وَاَلْبِسْنِيْ قَبُوْلاً بِشَلْمَهَتْ

 وَعَطِّفْ قُلُوْبَ الْعَالَمِيْنَ بِأَسْرِهِمْ 
عَلَيَّ وَاَلْبِسْنِيْ قَبُوْلاً بِشَلْمَهَتْ

Wa 'athif qulubal' alamina bi asrihim
'Alayyawa albisny qobulan bisyalmahat

Anyone who reads the jaljalut poem 7 times during the day and night, then that person will get glory and be accepted by many people, will also be loved by anyone who sees it.

 And if someone writes it 63 times around Tolasim below on Monday, then smoked with mustaki frankincense and aloe wood and then brought Tolasim, then that person's sustenance will be abundant and respected by humans.

 Here is the tolasim:
Whoever reads it 1000 times on Friday night and faces the judge, then he will be glorified by the judge and all his wishes will be fulfilled, even if the judge is a tyrant and arbitrary.

 When a person recites the prayer 7 times and each time he completes 1 prayer, he recites the above jaljalut temple 7 times with a specific wish, then Allah will grant his wish.

 Whoever recites the above jaljalut verse every morning 1 time by repeating Asma 'شلمهت 489 times and practiced continuously, then Allah will open the door of lust for him.

 If a person writes the following wifiq and writes the jaljalut verse above around it and then brings it, then that person will never be desperate for a desire (need) forever.

 Here is the wifiq that must be written:
Whoever reads the following sholawat after each prayer 7 times

اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ وَعَلَى آلِ سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ صَلَاةً تَفْتَحُ لي بِهَا اَبْوَابَ الرِّضَا وَالتَّيْسِيْرِ وَتَغْلِقُ عَنَّي بِهَا اَبْوَابَ الشَّرِّ وَالتَّعْسِيْرِ وَتَكُوْنُ بِهَا وَلِيًّا وَنَصِيْرًا و يانِعْمَ الْمَوْلٰى وَيانِعْمَ النَّصِيْرُ

 And every time you finish reading sholawat read the above jaljalut stanza 1 time, and then read both (sholawat and jaljalut stanza above) 111 times (any time), then the year will not pass unless he becomes a rich person, meaning not until a year  he will become a rich man and everyone who sees him will love him.
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