Prayers to be rich and all desires are fulfilled

The benefits and virtues of Asmaul Husna الغني Al ghoniyyu and المغنى Al mughniy

 Whoever reproduces the remembrance of asthma ال to a condition where some of the khodam of asthma participate in dhikr, then he will become a rich person who does not need other people.  ال asthma is very suitable to be practiced by beginners in spiritual science.

 As for Asma المغني, if read as much as possible then Allah will make it easy for that person's wishes.

 and if someone writes it and then takes it while reading it as much as the number of letters (with ABAJADUN calculations) and after that reads the letter الضحى and then reads the prayer اللهم يسر علي اليسر الذي علي عبادك بفضلك اك is practiced for 40 days, then Allah will send someone who  teach everything that the person wants, either through dreams or even in a conscious state, depending on the effort and seriousness of the person in practicing.

 narrated by Abu Abbas Albuni, one time he gave the dhikr to his friend, then his friend practiced it, he sat in a quiet place and did dhikr for quite a long time.  Immediately Allah made it easy for him and gave him the things he needed including gold and silver, and someone said to him "if you increase your dhikr I will increase it too, if you fulfill your dhikr then I will also suffice it".

 Imam Ghazali in his book of ihyak said: whoever reads the following prayer after every Friday prayer 70 times, Allah will make him rich:

 اللهم اغني احميد امبدئ امعيد افعال لما ا اودود لالك امك اعتك لك سواك

 and if the name asma is written and carried, then that person's merchandise will get abundant profits.

Referensi : Penasantri

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