Trading Is Easy (If You Know How To Get Started)

Trading is easy if you don't give up

A little I want to share here, yes. About two years ago, with great enthusiasm, I plunged into the world of forex trading. Don't think forex trading is going to be easy, as I (or maybe you too) imagine. The sacrifices required in the learning process are indeed not small, both time, energy, and of course, capital. Frankly, I usually brag about being a fast learner, in forex trading it turns out that I have found the stone.

It started with arrogance which resulted in a Margin Call (MC) within 2 weeks. Fortunately, then comes the realization of the need for correct understanding and the need to ignore the desire for revenge.

know margin call

From feeling challenged and admitting that forex is not as easy as I imagined, enlightenment began to emerge which consequently required days full of "struggle": reading tons of e-books, googling here and there, asking (and being ignored) here and there. sob! The result? Well, that's it, what's clear is that he looks very disheveled, due to lack of sleep. However, I went through all the learning processes with an unyielding spirit and I actually considered it a challenge in itself.

Learning Forex Trading Needs Preparation
Well, for those of you who are determined to learn to trade, there are a few things you need to understand and prepare in advance, so you don't follow my path of learning that is too tortuous.

First, prepare mentally. So, why are you mentally first? Yes, if we are mentally resilient, whatever conditions we will face, we will be ready. Becoming a trader must have a resilient mentality. A friend of mine said, in learning to trade, just be prepared a year early to be battered first. So, prepare mentally (and just enough capital) for a battered first year.

Second, prepare and plan the required cash flow. The thing you need to remember is, keep your cash flow. Don't be in a hurry to invest (deposit) big in the first year.

Forex trading is easy

Usually, a (prospective) trader feels that he has mastered trading techniques only by "coincidentally" making open positions that generate profits and then deciding to make a relatively large deposit. Eits, wait a minute, if you don't want to retire early as a trader, resist the urge to make a large deposit in the first year, especially in the first month. From sharing the experiences of other traders, usually consistent results will only be achieved after someone has more than a year of trading experience. So, if you have just learned to trade for a few months and feel that you have mastered the correct way of trading and then decide to make a deposit, it is best to make a deposit in an amount that is not too large first. Third, find your mentor (guide) in this trading learning process and join a community of traders who can give each other encouragement, enthusiasm and share techniques and experiences in trading.
Where can we find mentors and a community of traders? It's easy. Be active in trader forums and look for traders who are more senior and willing to provide guidance. Or at least, find a discussion partner who can provide encouragement and positive input. Frankly, I was able to survive through the early years because of the enthusiastic support from other traders, especially traders in MV.

Fourth, do the process of learning forex trading with love. Halahh… why is it so mellow like this? I mean this, you know…, usually… if the basis is love, then the sacrifice will be felt as pleasure. Is not it?

Well, in relation to learning to trade, if you really love trading, then sacrifices such as staying up until 3 am to stare at the chart or in order to learn a technical indicator, won't feel like a heavy thing.

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