Know What is forex trading

 If you are interested in plunging into the world of forex, then naturally you are.know in advance what the forex market actually is.  In this article will briefly explained what forex is, as the basic foundation of your steps next in learning forex trading.

If you go abroad one time, of course, you have to exchange your money have in the currency of that country.  Suppose you go to Singapore, then you exchange your rupiah currency with Singapore dollars.

 Another example is a money changer.  You can exchange a certain amount of rupia into Dollars or other currencies at the money changer.  These two examples are wrong one practical implementation of forex trading.

 Forex (foreign exchange) is the largest financial market in the world.  Volume Trading from the Forex market reaches an average of USD $ 5 trillion daily, and reach tens of times when compared to other financial markets such as stocks or index.  Comparison of forex trading volume versus market You can see other financials in the graph below. 

Along with the development of technology and the wider internet, so do people the easier it is to participate in forex trading (spot market).

 But unfortunately the lack of information and public learning about forex trading is often used by fraudsters in cyberspace.  Forex trading disseminated as a type of investment that can provide large profits globally fast, without risk, and various other sweet spices.  In the end, the public many are trapped and end up losing a lot of money.

 In reality, plunging into the world of forex trading requires skill and expertise not much knowledge.  This is not enough, you also have to be able develop a good trading mentality accompanied by financial calculations which is sufficient too.

 So, can forex trading provide big profits?

 I can.  but on the other hand, forex trading can also cause serious losses big too.  not only loss of money, but also invaluable losses in the form of wasted time.  Therefore, learning and knowledge about forex is an absolute requirement that you must live first.

 Please follow the series of articles on to get information about how to learn forex practically  Good luck.

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