Minimalist 1 Floor House Design

 Don't worry!  One-story houses can also have a modern minimalist design.  In fact, it's even easier.  With a large enough house area, at least you can have two rooms.  However, if only one room is not a problem.

 Looking at the floor plan below, the front room near the entrance, as usual was used as a living room.  However, it can be used as a dining room and kitchen at the same time.


Minimalist one-story house plans.  (Source:

 Then, for the back it can be a bedroom and bathroom and can be used as a play or other relaxing room if you want.  Well, while the area of ​​the house only allows one room.  No problem!

 You can replace the relaxing room as a bathroom at home, or part of the garden behind the house as a bathroom or move the kitchen there.  How simple and reasonable is not it?

 Or if you plan to buy a new house, for example, a house in Semarang with a maximum of IDR 1 billion, which you can redesign into a modern minimalist house.  The following is an inspiration for a modern minimalist 2022 house plan and design that you can apply.

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