How to get our blog a lot of visitors

So that the blog is crowded with visitors, try to keep the blog updated every day, meaning that we must be diligent in writing articles.

 There is no other way but to write, think to write, whatever it is.  Is it possible that a blog with 5 to 10 articles can bring in thousands of visitors?  certainly not possible.

 It is certain that all the blogs that are crowded with visitors have thousands of articles and are more than 4 years old, the owner is also very persistent in pursuing the blogging world for many years.

 I don't need to explain with structured articles like other bloggers, which I think are too technical, because they are too serious about studying Google's algorithm so that they are stuck with long and complex articles, starting from the title, subtitle, small title, bullet points and so on.

 Google has said long ago that its algorithm will be updated in a logical and more human direction, as humans think.


 Make a schedule for writing, for example a day to write 1 article.  We can talk about seo and so on later, I often meet successful bloggers who don't really understand SEO and don't even understand at all.

 The key is only one, which is diligent in writing and what is conveyed is unique and new, has originality, or at least has a different point of view.

 don't be a perfectionist

 if ideas and ideas are considered to be of low quality, they don't write, this will be a big obstacle, the longer we will feel that blogging is getting harder and harder, and finally break up in the middle of the road.

 Don't limit your blog niche

 Framing a blog is the same as limiting the growth of the blog itself.  Don't say it's irrelevant, Even the site only writes articles about recipes and how to make donuts, Popmama, which is supposed to be a parenting website, also wrote Asmaul Husna and its meanings, and many other contrasting examples. There's even a CEO blog that is combined with readings.  tajwid (procedure for reading the Koran)

 Be patient and consistent

 It's not a hypocrite, most bloggers aim is money by monetizing their blogs, and this is the strongest motive, so they always think about how to make their blogs crowded with visitors.

 One thing is clear that to bring a lot of visitors it takes a long time, and consistency is the main and most expensive capital.

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