The Ultimate Power Prospecting & Marketing Success

The Ultimate Power Prospecting & Marketing Success
By:Pamela Yellen
Published on 1999 by

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The Valuation of Financial

Author : Mario Massari
Published by John Wiley & SonsPublished since 2014-01-07

This book presents the main valuation approaches that can beused to value financial institutions.

By sketching 1) the differentbusiness models of banks (both commercial and investment banks) andinsurance companies (life, property and casualty and reinsurance);2) the structure and peculiarities of financial institutions’reporting and financial statements; and 3) the main features ofregulatory capital frameworks for banking and insurance (ie BaselIII, Solvency II), the book addresses why such elements make thevaluation of financial institutions different from the valuation ofnon-financial companies.

The book then features the valuation models that can be used todetermine the value of banks and insurance companies including theDiscounted Cash Flow, Dividend Discount Model, and Residual IncomeModel (with the appropriate estimation techniques for the cost ofcapital and cash flow in financial industries).

The main techniquesto perform the relative valuation of financial institutions arethen presented: along the traditional multiples (P/E, P/BV, P/TBV,P/NAV), the multiples based on industry-specific value drivers arediscussed (for example, P/Pre Provision Profit, P/Deposits,P/Premiums, P/Number of branches).

Further valuation tools such asthe “Value Maps” or the “Warranted EquityMethod” will be explained and discussed.

The closing sectionof the book will briefly focus on the valuation of specificfinancial companies/vehicles such as closed-end funds, privateequity funds, leasing companies, etc.

Report of the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions Supervision, Regulation and Insurance, Task Force on the International Competitiveness of U.S. Financial Institutions of the Committee on Banking, Finance, and Urban Affairs, House of Representatives, One Hundred First Congress, Second

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Banking, Finance, and Urban Affairs. International Competitiveness of United States Financial Institutions Task Force
Published by Published since 1991

Risk Measures and Insurance Solvency

Author : Vsevolod K. Malinovskii
Published by Chapman & Hall/CRCPublished since 2021

"Risk Measures and Insurance Solvency Benchmarks: Fixed-Probability Levels in Renewal Risk Models is written for academics and practitioners who are concerned about potential weaknesses of the Solvency II regulatory system.

It is also intended for readers who are interested in pure and applied probability, have a taste for classical and asymptotic analysis, and are motivated to delve into rather intensive calculations.

The formal prerequisite for this book is a good background in analysis.

The desired prerequisite is some degree of probability training, but someone with knowledge of the classical real-variable theory, including asymptotic methods, will also find this book interesting.

For those who find the proofs too complicated, it may be reassuring that most results in this book are formulated in rather elementary terms.

This book can also be used as reading material for basic courses in risk measures, insurance mathematics, and applied probability.

The material of this book was partly used by the author for his courses in several universities in Moscow, Copenhagen University, and in the University of Montreal.

Features Requires only minimal mathematical prerequisites in analysis and probability Suitable for researchers and postgraduate students in related fields Could be used as a supplement to courses in risk measures, insurance mathematics and applied probability"--

Healthcare Finance and Financial

Author : Mary A. Paterson
Published by DEStech Publications, IncPublished since 2014-02-28

Includes case studies for assignments and classroom discussion Covers NP practice financial management Comprehensive instructor's manual available including presentation slides, chapter guides, and grading rubrics This textbook is designed for students preparing as advanced practice clinicians, including APRNs, DNPs, DPTs, DOTs, and physician assistants.

The book covers both health policy issues and practice financial management issues.

It is organized into seven sections in two parts.

The first part is focused on macro issues in healthcare finance, and the second part is focused on healthcare financing management in professional practice.

This approach provides the context necessary for the clinician to understand how to manage reimbursement requirements and preferred provider contracting as health care financial policy drives these payment and contracting strategies.

Each section features a case study to facilitate classroom discussion on key points.

This book is suitable for healthcare finance courses in the curriculum for MSN and DNP programs and also for schools of social work, medicine, occupational, and physical therapy.

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