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Crypto Trading On MetaTrader, What Are The Benefits?

In order to be able to trade cryptocurrencies, you can use popular trading platforms like MetaTrader. Apart from its recognized performance, there are many brokers that support MetaTrader, both desktop and mobile versions. This of course can make it easier for traders who want to trade cryptocurrencies to access.

Please note, MetaTrader is the choice of most traders and brokers in the forex and CFD markets. With more and more CFD brokers currently offering crypto trading, it's no wonder that the use of MetaTrader for crypto trading has also increased.

It doesn't stop there, there are actually a myriad of advantages of crypto trading in MetaTrader that cannot be felt from other trading platforms.

1. Easy Installation

Millions of traders around the world already use MetaTrader to access the markets whenever and wherever they are. You can download it directly from the official MetaQuotes website or from broker sites that provide MetaTrader for free.

2. Available In Various Versions

MetaTrader is very compatible with various devices, both laptops, PCs, smartphones, to tablets. There is also a version of WebTrader that can be accessed via a browser. It doesn't matter whether you are a Windows, Android or iOS user, this software is compatible with all kinds of operating systems.

3. Complete Features

MetaTrader comes with several complete built-in features that allow traders to take full control with the help of various charts, time frames, technical indicators, market news, and a chatbot to interact with the support team.

4. Use of Expert Advisors (EAs)

MetaTrader is equipped with an EA that can perform automated trading activities using robots. The use of EAs is becoming increasingly prominent in the trading world, especially for scalpers and other short-term traders who don't want to miss even the slightest market opportunity.

5. Trading History Data Storage

MetaTrader allows traders to download historical data and generate reports on positions that have been placed in the past. This facility can of course make it easier for traders to analyze and evaluate their trading performance.

6. Indicator

The MetaTrader indicator is a technical analysis tool that can help you identify market trends and provide predictions about future price movements. When downloading MetaTrader, some of the popular indicators are usually available for free as built-in tools.

7. Compatible For All Types Of Assets

Not only forex, you can trade various types of instruments such as indices, stocks, commodities, to cryptocurrencies.

8. Security

MetaTrader security is guaranteed because the exchange of sensitive information and data between traders, trading platforms and brokers is encrypted with a 128-bit key.

trading using metatrader
As a beginner, the presence of MetaTrader will really help you to trade crypto on MetaTrader, especially the MT4 version. Why MT4? This version is arguably the most popular trading platform for online traders due to its user-friendly interface and reliable performance.

The platform also allows clients with advanced trading knowledge to set up and display multiple live charts while using layers of technical indicators. In just one window, you can get various kinds of information, such as time frame, choice of indicators, balance information, bid-ask prices, auto trading, and so on.