Prayer sends disease and avoids danger

 The benefits and virtues of Allah's name المانع Al maani 'and الضار Ad dhor

Whoever reproduces the remembrance of Asma Al Maani', Allah will protect him from what he fears and worries about. or if the one who reads it is a person who is afraid of someone's evil then Allah will protect him and make the criminal forget him. المانع asthma is very appropriate and recommended to be practiced by sick people or people who are tested with lust. while asthma الضار specifically to harm someone with a disease. Abu Abdallah said: Whoever writes Asma المانع on a tin plate at one o'clock on the last Saturday of the month and then reads it as many as the number of letters (with the ABAJADUN calculation formula) while looking at the writing with a glorified view with the aim of harming someone, that goal will be fulfilled.

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