Health Insurance

Health insurance is a type of insurance product that specifically covers the costs of health or care for the members of the insurance if they fall ill or have an accident.  Broadly speaking, there are two types of treatment offered by insurance companies, namely inpatient and outpatient.

 Health insurance products are provided by social insurance companies, life insurance companies, as well as general insurance companies.

 In Indonesia, PT Askes Indonesia is a social insurance company that provides health insurance to its members, mainly civil servants and non-civil servants.  Their children are also guaranteed up to the age of 21 years.  Retirees and their wives or husbands are also guaranteed for life.

 Outside of this group, the government also provides a health insurance program for low-income residents, now called Jamkesmas, public health insurance, in addition to the program being funded by the APBN, a number of provincial and district/city governments also have a similar program, namely Jamkesda and Jamkesos such as, among others, in the district of Musi Banyuasin in 2002,[4] Jembrana since 2003[5]  in DIY since 2003[3] and the province South Sumatra, where it was called Jamsoskes, since the beginning  January 2009 Although in early March 2010 the central government reviewed the possibility of prohibiting the financing of health insurance through the Regional Budget

 In 2010, it was estimated that 120.2 million of the approximately 237 million Indonesians had health insurance provided either by PT Askes Indonesia, PT Jamsostek, PT Asabri or through the Jamkesmas program or other insurance.

 Several loss and life insurance companies have also marketed health insurance programs with various different variants.  In general, insurance companies that organize health insurance programs work closely with hospital providers either directly or through intermediary institutions as assistants for hospital network management.

Insurance company

 Many private insurance companies in Indonesia offer Health Insurance products, including:





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