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 Investment is an activity to invest, either directly or indirectly, with the hope that in the future the owner of the capital will get a number of benefits from the investment.  In the Big Indonesian Dictionary, investment means investing money or capital in a company or project for the purpose of making a profit.  In general, investment can be interpreted as taking / taking advantage of time, money or energy for future benefits / benefits.  So, investment is buying something that is expected in the future to be resold at a higher value than before.


 According to economic theory, investment means the purchase (and production) of capital goods that are not consumed but are used for future production (produced goods).  For example, building a railroad or factory.  Investment is a component of GDP with the formula .  The investment function in this aspect is divided into non-residential investment (such as factories and machinery) and residential investment (new houses).  Investment is a function of income and interest rates, seen in relation to .  An increase in income will encourage greater investment, whereas a higher interest rate will reduce interest in investing as it will be more expensive than borrowing money.  Even if another firm chooses to use its own funds for investments, the interest rate represents an opportunity cost of investing those funds rather than lending to earn interest.


 Investing seems to have become one of the needs of today's society.  In addition to only providing a hefty profit, investment is also useful as a means of maintaining wealth.  Even if there is an economic recession, for example, the investment value does not decrease, but increases.

 Unfortunately, not everyone wants to invest because they feel they have insufficient capital, for example employees.  Even though with the income you receive, you who work as an employee can invest in several appropriate instruments.

 For those who want to invest, but are afraid of lack of capital, try the following 11 best investments for employees.  So, there is no reason to delay investing because this one is important to start early.

 1. Deposit

 Deposits are the most common investments, which do not require any skills to get started.  Your job is to provide capital, then deposit it with the bank and choose the time of deposit.  Whether it's 1, 3, 5, 9, 12, or 24 months.

 As long as the money is deposited, the bank will give you a certain percentage yield, usually 5% - 5.5% per month.  If the deposit is due, you can choose whether you want to continue, withdraw interest, or withdraw all money from the bank.

 2. Bonds

 Bonds are investments in the form of securities to parties who need capital, both private and government.  The debtor will later repay your kindness for borrowing money by providing interest in a certain percentage.

 Bond investment tenor is usually more than one year.  However, there are also some that are less than a year old.  You can choose which one suits your needs, and keep an eye on the level of risk too!

 3. Mutual funds

 For those who want to invest, but don't have time to take care of their investment, they can look at mutual funds.  This investment is managed by an investment manager.  In other words, you just provide the money, then the investment manager will distribute the money.

 Compared to deposits, mutual funds are much more profitable because of their higher interest rates.  In addition, the placement of the money is not all at once.  You can pay in installments of IDR 1,000,000 per month for 1 or 3 years, so the money will increase by itself.

 4. Gold

 In addition to investment, gold is also suitable as a means of guarding wealth.  Even during an economic recession, gold prices are usually stable.  No wonder this investment is highly recommended for those of you who work as employees.

 The gold invested is of course in the form of gold bars, so it cannot be used.  You can invest in gold at a pawnshop or in e-commerce in Indonesia, which provides a gold saving program.

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 5. boarding house

 Have a large capital?  So the lyrics to the boarding house business.  An effort that will never die, even more needed as time goes by, especially in overseas cities.

 The profit obtained comes from the rent paid by the renter every month.  Before enjoying the benefits, you can reverse the capital first.  After the return on investment, the cost received every month can be recognized as 100% profit.

 6. Home

 In addition to boarding houses, those of you who have more money can also invest in houses.  Moreover, the current demand for board needs is increasing.  And if the demand increases, the selling price will be more expensive.

 If interested, you should invest in a house that is strategically located.  Houses in this area are usually hunted by other people because they have a myriad of advantages, one of which is more complete facilities.

 7. Franchise

 Investing is easier to do thanks to the many instruments that can be used as an option.  Like a franchise business or franchise.  You don't have to manage it yourself, but you can use the services of an employee.

 Meanwhile, the materials, business SOPs, and tools needed for franchise investment have been provided by the franchise manager.  If interested, then a food or fashion franchise can be tried because there will be no death.

 8. P2P Lending

 Excess capital and don't know where to invest?  Try P2P Lending, an investment where you will fund a borrower, be it an individual or a company.

 The benefits of P2P Lending are quite decent, it can reach 18% per month.  And you don't have to bother distributing capital because the P2P Lending platform will do it.

 9. Stock

 For those who like risk, then try investing in stocks.  The profit gained from this investment is also very large, but the potential loss is also large.

 Those of you who are interested in investing in stocks must first study technical and fundamental analysis.  This way, you can see the stock market conditions well and maximize profits.

 10. Foreign Exchange

 Foreign exchange investment is often referred to as a forex investment with the potential for profit and loss greater than stocks.  You are required to be more focused during forex investing.  Just one careless, then your money will be lost in an instant.

 Forex investors usually play at night.  If you have the guts and are ready to sacrifice sleep to earn money, then this investment is worth considering.

 11. Running a Business

 Running a business is an investment too, you know!  Especially in the long term.  But, you are required to be smart in doing business so that the profits are maximized.

 On the other hand, the capital required is also large, especially for a food, fashion, or salon business.  However, those with limited capital can try the photocopying business, selling credit, or online which is no less profitable.

 Manage Investments As Well As Possible

 Whatever type of investment you choose, the point is to manage the investment as best you can.  So the opportunity to make a profit will be even greater.  If necessary, learn from the experts first so that you know how to choose and manage investments properly.


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