List of Forex Trading Providers Without Capital (Forex No Deposit Bonus)

Can we start trading forex without capital? Such questions may seem funny and unrealistic to some traders. But for those who are good at taking advantage of small opportunities, the possibility of being able to achieve real profits without having to deposit a dime certainly cannot be missed.

In fact, forex trading without capital is no longer an impossible thing to do. You just need to take advantage of the following forex broker promos to get the freedom of forex trading without a deposit.

1. No Deposit Bonus

Launched as a kind of welcome bonus to welcome new clients, No Deposit is the most common choice for those who want to trade forex without capital. As the name implies, this bonus allows traders to open a real account without the need for any deposit. Instead, the forex broker will fill the account balance with a certain amount of funds, so there is a balance that can be traded in real. However, it should be noted that the No Deposit bonus also comes with some important rules that limit your trading and withdrawal conditions. The policies of each forex broker may vary, but the most common terms of a No Deposit bonus often lie in the terms of withdrawal. There are forex brokers that do not allow traders to withdraw the No Deposit bonus, there are also those that allow the withdrawal of prizes if the trader has met certain lot requirements. However, trading profits generated from bonuses can usually be withdrawn more easily.

Because of such rules, it is better to treat the No Deposit bonus only as a convenience that opens your way to achieve real profits without capital. Do not be tempted to pursue broker bonus withdrawals, because their realization is more difficult and tends to increase trading risk.

Moreover, the amount of the No Deposit bonus is usually not very large, only ranging from USD5 to USD50 only (bonus amounts above this range do exist, but are usually burdened by stricter regulations). Let's say you've grown a profit of USD200, is it wise to increase your trading risk just to qualify for a bonus withdrawal of only USD50?

For that, the best advice when you trade forex without capital with a no deposit bonus program is: Increase the ability to develop profits from a small balance. In this way, you can maximize the benefits of the No Deposit bonus, and avoid the disadvantages of bonus withdrawal conditions which tend to trick you into increasing trading risk.

Where Can You Trade Forex Without Capital With a No Deposit Bonus?

You can look for forex brokers that offer No Deposit bonus promotions. Because this promo is one of the attracting factors that many clients seek, not a few forex brokers offer such bonuses. But often, promos are not permanent because they are only valid for a certain period. Here is an example of a broker that offers a No Deposit bonus: FBS Broker (USD100 Bonus) InstaForex (USD1000 Startup Bonus) FXOpen (USD10 Bonus) Given that the No Deposit bonus is usually temporary, it's a good idea to be diligent in listening to the latest updates about the active period of the promo. You can visit the broker's official website directly, or follow broker promotion updates on this page.

2. Demo Trading Contest

The second alternative for those of you who want to trade forex without capital is to register in a demo trading contest. Like trading competitions in general, you will participate in an event that brings together traders to compete for the championship position. The difference is, this trading contest is done on a demo account, so you don't have to pay a deposit to join. Although the competition is conducted on a demo account, the prizes that will be obtained by the winner are not virtual. Since the prizes are credited directly to the real trading account, winning a demo contest can give traders the opportunity to get trading funds for free.

Forex Brokers Providing Demo Trading Contests

Demo trading contests are suitable for those of you who like a challenge and want to practice your skills for free. This is the attraction of demo contests as a way of trading forex without capital. Some forex brokers that hold this kind of program are:
  • AGEA (AGEA Contest Masters)
  • Alpari (Virtual Reality Contest)
  • FBS Broker (FBS Pro Demo Contest)
  • FXOpen (ForexCup Demo Contest)
  • Grand Capital (Drag Trade, Rally Trade, and Future Trade Demo Contest)
  • HotForex (Virtual to Real Contest)
  • InstaForex (InstaForex Sniper Contest, Rally FX-1, Lucky Trader, One Million Option and Real Scalping)
  • LiteForex (Demo Fighting Contest and Top10Forex)
  • OctaFX (Champions Demo Contest, cTrader Weekly and Southampton Supreme)
  • RoboForex (KingSize MT5 Contest, Trade Day, Week with CFDs and Forex Demo)
  • XM Brokers (One Million Dollar Championship)

Like the No Deposit bonus program, demo trading contests also take place for a certain period of time. To listen to contest updates that are still active, you can visit the official website of each broker, or follow the latest contest info in the forex broker news section.

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