Prayer to know the faint and for the body to emit a bright light

The benefits and virtues of the name of Allah An Nur النور
Whoever reads the name of Allah as much as possible then Allah will enlighten his heart with the light of faith. If the asthma of ال and النا are combined in writing wifiq then that person takes it then he will be able to know wonderful things that are amazing. Abu abdillah At thoroifi said: if someone is vague (don't know) about something, or gets lost on the road and then he reads Asma النور as many as the number of letters (by counting each letter with the ABAJADUN formula, then adding it up) with the right purpose and intention , Then Allah will show him the way and every thing he wants to know. Apart from that, whoever reproduces the remembrance of the name of An Nur, Allah will also make his heart bright and his body shining. especially if that person is a person who is right in his way of life, then a light will come out from his heart that is visible on his face and the light will come out of his mouth when he is doing dhikr, so that the light will illuminate the place where he is doing dhikr and its surroundings. And if a person reproduces the remembrance of Allah's Name in a dark room/house while closing his eyes to a certain condition, he will see an amazing light filling his heart. If the remembrance of Asma النور is combined with Asma البديع and read during meditation (kholwah) after fasting and riyadhoh, on an empty stomach and a clean heart, it is read up to certain conditions. Then he will not need a lamp, because the light that comes out of it is very bright. This dhikr is especially for people who are experts in witnessing Allah with their inner eyes.

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