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Prayers for healing diseases and getting out of trials

The benefits and virtues of Asmaul Husna An Nafi' النافع
Asma An Nafi' is a medicine for all diseases, a healer for everyone who is sick and a solution for those who are affected by calamities. Whoever reproduces the remembrance of Asma الا when he is in a dangerous situation, Allah will save him. and if someone reproduces the remembrance of the النا asma asthma istiqomah while some of the asthma khodam adjust to it and riyadhoh, by leaving sin and carrying out obligations and good morals then wherever that person rubs his hand on a sick person, Allah will surely heal him. if it is written as wifiq murobbak (4 column wifi) on a silver ring when the zodiac (constellation) is Syaroful qomar, then whoever is sick, Allah will heal if you wear the ring. And it would be better if the following verse was written around the ring: وننزل من القرآن ما هو شفاء ورحمة للمؤمنين dhikr asthma النافع is very suitable to be practiced by a person named Qosim. and if the asthma النافع is made wifiq musallas (wifiq 3 columns) written in the form of numbers and around it is written wifiq murobbak (4 columns) written in letters at the time of Syaiful Qomar (constellations) Then whoever brings the wifiq will see the miracles God's creation is very difficult to explain.