What are the General Benefits of Having Insurance?

 One of the challenges facing the insurance industry in Indonesia is that there are still many people who do not know what the benefits of having insurance are.  Many think insurance is only a burden in their daily expenses.  It could be that this thought arises because they do not really understand about insurance.

 Insurance plays a role in bearing the risk if something untoward happens.  For example, someone who has insurance has an accident.  As an insurance holder, the cost of treating the person is, of course, borne by the insurance company according to the agreement.  Or the insurance holder claims the premium that has been paid to the insurance company.

 Claims made by insurance holders must be accompanied by complete and correct conditions.  At least it consists of incident reports and calculation of losses suffered by the policyholder along with supporting data.  The obligation of the policy holder (insurance customer) is to pay a premium in a certain amount in accordance with the provisions.  This premium is a source of income for the insurance company which will be collected with the premium of all insurance customers to cover any claims that occur.  There is a mutual help from insurance customers for other customers who are experiencing disaster or risk.  The following are some of the main benefits of having an insurance policy:

 Making Life More Quiet:

 No one knows one day bad things will come to us.  Being vigilant is the best key to avoid this.  Therefore, the role of insurance here is very important.  By having insurance, losses can be minimized.  Because there is a guarantee of protection from every claim made.  In this way, life becomes calmer.

 There are insurances that can simultaneously be a means of investment:

 Do you want to invest, but don't know which one to choose?  You can start with investments that are combined in one insurance package or what is known as a unit link.  This investment is not only useful for yourself, but also for those closest to you.  Having an investment will give you a profit in the future.  In addition, today's profits can grow and can be used for tomorrow.

 Serves to Minimize Losses:

 Indirectly, insurance is actually a way to force customers to save and only benefit when the policyholder experiences risk.  Having insurance will help you to overcome any risks that occur.

 Apart from that, some other benefits that can be obtained are:

  •  Provide protection and compensation to the family after the death of a person from loss of income

  •  Provide certainty of payment of debt after death

  •  Provide protection and compensation against unexpected health risks and costs

  •  Provide protection and compensation against legal claims

  •  Provide protection and compensation for permanent disability due to illness or accident

  •  Provides protection for your business from various business interruptions and loss of income due to unexpected things

  •  Protect your assets against theft, loss, damage, fire, natural disasters and other hazards

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