Why Should You Have an Insurance Policy?

 Here are the reasons why you need to have an insurance policy:

 Insurance provides a guarantee of protection and a sense of comfort from risks that may occur in the future.  By having insurance you will also be calmer in living your daily life.  The reason is that if at any time there is a disaster, accident, or illness, your family does not need to be confused about finding the cost of treatment because everything has been covered by the insurance company.

 Insurance can increase the efficiency of self-protection and transfer risk by paying enough insurance premiums within a certain period of time.  This premium payment, of course, aims so that the insurance company can provide compensation for disasters that befall you or your family.

 Insurance can be used as an investment instrument, where by paying insurance premiums, you will get used to saving a specified amount.  Not to mention if the insurance you have is a unit-linked type of insurance whose value will increase every year.

 Insurance can be used to plan for the future.  With insurance you can prepare for the cost of education for your child, or it can be used as preparation for your retirement fund in the future

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